which best explains how fiber-optic technology has improved communication?


The technology that has evolved in the last 30 years has changed our daily life. The internet has given us more information, improved our communication, and made us more accessible to our friends and family. The technology has also changed our relationships with our loved ones. The internet has helped us to learn more about ourselves, share more positive information, and change our lives.

The internet has also changed our relationships with our friends and family. A lot of communication with friends and family happens by email, Skype, Facebook, and text messaging. However, the internet has opened up the door for you to communicate with more people than you ever thought possible. And it’s not just you and your friends that can communicate online. You can actually share your life with other people. The internet changed our relationship with our families and friends.

The internet provides an infinite supply of communication with loved ones. And that ability to communicate with others is a big part of how we connect with each other in real life. People don’t just talk to each other, they actually talk to each other through the internet. We can talk to our friends, share our lives, and even get together over a coffee or a game of Xbox.

When we get together in real life, we talk to each other, and we don’t just talk to each other, we actually connect with each other through the internet. We use the internet to communicate with each other. When you see someone on the street that you know in person, you can communicate with them through the internet. When you go to a restaurant, you can talk to the waiter, instead of the person sitting next to you.


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