Top Tamil Christian Songs: Free Mp3 Downloads!



In the world of Tamil Christian music, there is a rich tapestry of songs that blend the melodious tunes of Tamil with the spiritual depth of Christian lyrics. These songs serve as a source of inspiration, comfort, and joy for millions of Tamil-speaking Christians around the world. In this article, we will explore some of the top Tamil Christian songs that are available for free Mp3 downloads. From traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs, the Tamil Christian music scene offers a diverse range of music that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Traditional Tamil Christian Hymns

  1. Ummai Pola Naala Thevan – This classic Tamil Christian hymn is a heartfelt prayer that expresses the singer’s longing for God’s presence and guidance in their life. The soothing melody and uplifting lyrics make it a favorite among Tamil-speaking Christians.

  2. Kirubai Kirubai – Another popular traditional Tamil Christian hymn, “Kirubai Kirubai” extols the grace and mercy of God. The song’s simple yet profound lyrics remind listeners of God’s unending love and compassion for His children.

Contemporary Tamil Christian Worship Songs

  1. Anbe Anbe – “Anbe Anbe” is a contemporary Tamil Christian worship song that celebrates the love of God. With its catchy tune and powerful lyrics, this song has become a favorite in churches and worship gatherings.

  2. Uyirae En Uyirae – This soul-stirring Tamil Christian worship song focuses on the intimate relationship between the believer and God. The heartfelt lyrics and melodic composition make it a touching expression of devotion and love for God.

Download Top Tamil Christian Songs for Free

If you are looking to download some of the top Tamil Christian songs for free, there are several websites and online platforms that offer Mp3 downloads of these songs. Here are some popular sources where you can find a diverse collection of Tamil Christian music:

  • Tamil Christian Songs Online – This website features a wide selection of Tamil Christian songs from various artists and genres. You can browse through different categories and download your favorite songs for free.

  • Jesus Redeems – The official website of Jesus Redeems Ministries offers a treasure trove of Tamil Christian music, including songs of worship, praise, and adoration. You can download Mp3s of these songs from the website’s music section.

  • Tamil Christian Radio – Online radio stations dedicated to Tamil Christian music often provide links to free Mp3 downloads of popular songs. Tune in to these stations and discover new music while downloading your favorite tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are these Tamil Christian songs available for free downloads legal?
  2. Yes, many websites offer Tamil Christian songs for free downloads with the appropriate permissions from the artists or music labels.

  3. Can I use these songs for non-commercial purposes such as church events or personal listening?

  4. Most Tamil Christian songs available for free downloads can be used for non-commercial purposes. However, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions of each website or platform.

  5. Do I need special software to download Mp3s of Tamil Christian songs?

  6. In most cases, you can download Mp3s of Tamil Christian songs directly from websites to your computer or mobile device without the need for special software.

  7. Are there any restrictions on the number of downloads for these songs?

  8. Websites offering free Mp3 downloads of Tamil Christian songs may have restrictions on the number of downloads per user. Check the website’s guidelines for more information.

  9. Can I share downloaded Tamil Christian songs with friends and family?

  10. It is generally acceptable to share downloaded Tamil Christian songs with friends and family for personal listening or worship purposes. However, distributing these songs for commercial gain is prohibited.

In conclusion, the world of Tamil Christian music is vibrant and diverse, offering a plethora of songs that inspire, uplift, and edify listeners. Whether you prefer traditional hymns or contemporary worship songs, there is something for everyone in the rich tapestry of Tamil Christian music. Explore the top Tamil Christian songs available for free Mp3 downloads and let the music nourish your soul and deepen your faith.


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