Nani Movie Songs: Download Official Soundtracks Now!


Are you a fan of the South Indian film industry, particularly Telugu cinema, and specifically, the legendary filmmaker and director Nani? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that Nani movie songs are not only popular but also have a huge fan following. From foot-tapping numbers to soulful melodies, Nani’s movies have given us some of the best songs in the industry.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Nani movie songs, exploring some of the most iconic tracks in his films. We will also provide you with information on how you can download these official soundtracks and enjoy them whenever you like.

The Musical Magic of Nani Movies

Nani, known for his versatile acting skills, has also been a part of some amazing films with beautiful music. Let’s take a look at some of the top Nani movie songs that have captured the hearts of audiences across the globe:

1. Yevandoi Nani Garu – Gentleman (2016)

This melodious track from the movie “Gentleman” is a romantic favourite among fans. Sung by Pradeep Kumar and Karthik, with lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry, this song is a soulful rendition of love.

2. Adiga Adiga – Ninnu Kori (2017)

“Adiga Adiga” from the film “Ninnu Kori” is a hauntingly beautiful song that touches the soul. Composed by Gopi Sundar and sung by Sid Sriram, this track is a must-have on every romantic playlist.

3. Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale – Geetha Govindam (2018)

A peppy number that became an instant hit, “Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale” from “Geetha Govindam” is a favourite at parties and gatherings. Sung by Sid Sriram, this song is a perfect blend of fun and romance.

4. Nanu Dochukunduvate – Nani (2010)

A popular track from the film “Nani,” this song is catchy and energetic. Sung by Ranjith, Ramya NSK, and Rahul Nambiar, with music by Vishal Chandrasekhar, this song will make you want to get up and dance.

Where to Download Official Nani Movie Songs

If you’re eager to download and listen to these amazing tracks from Nani’s movies, you can do so through various platforms. Here are some popular options to get your hands on the official soundtracks:

1. Gaana

Gaana is a well-known music streaming service that offers a wide range of songs, including those from Nani’s movies. You can search for your favourite tracks and download them for offline listening.

2. Saavn

Saavn is another popular music streaming platform where you can find a vast collection of Indian songs, including Nani movie tracks. Simply search for the songs you want and download them to enjoy anytime.

3. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a great option for downloading Nani movie songs as well. With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of music, you can easily find and download your favourite tracks with just a few clicks.

4. iTunes

For Apple users, iTunes is a convenient platform to download Nani movie songs and add them to your music library. Simply search for the songs you want, purchase and download them for endless listening pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I download Nani movie songs for free?

While some platforms offer free streaming of songs, downloading them for offline listening may require a paid subscription or purchase. Look for legal and authorized sources to download Nani movie songs.

2. Are Nani movie songs available on YouTube for download?

While you can find many Nani movie songs on YouTube, downloading them may not always be legal. It’s best to use authorized music platforms to download official soundtracks securely.

3. Do music streaming platforms offer Nani movie songs in high quality?

Yes, most music streaming platforms provide high-quality audio for a premium listening experience. You can enjoy Nani movie songs in excellent sound quality on these platforms.

4. Can I listen to Nani movie songs offline after downloading them?

Yes, once you download Nani movie songs from authorized platforms, you can listen to them offline without an internet connection. This is a great way to enjoy your favourite tracks anytime, anywhere.

5. Are there any special editions or collections of Nani movie songs available for download?

Some music platforms may offer special editions or collections of Nani movie songs, including hits from multiple films. Keep an eye out for these curated playlists for a complete musical experience.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Nani or simply appreciate good music, downloading official soundtracks from his movies is a fantastic way to enjoy some of the best tunes in the Telugu film industry. Explore the world of Nani movie songs and immerse yourself in the musical magic created by this talented actor and the incredible music directors he has collaborated with.


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