Censorship Controversy Surrounding Super Hxeros Anime



Super Hxeros is an anime series that has stirred up a significant amount of controversy due to its censorship in certain regions. The show revolves around the concept of erotic energy and battles against alien invaders, known as Kiseichuu, who feed on human sexual energy. While the premise may seem provocative at first glance, the anime has faced criticism for its censorship practices in various countries. This article will delve into the censorship controversy surrounding Super Hxeros and explore the reasons behind the decision to censor certain scenes in the show.

Understanding the Controversy

One of the key reasons behind the censorship of Super Hxeros is the graphic nature of some scenes. The anime features explicit sexual content and nudity, which has raised concerns among viewers and regulatory bodies. In countries with strict regulations regarding depictions of sexual content in media, such as Japan, Australia, and Germany, certain scenes in Super Hxeros have been censored to comply with local laws and cultural norms.

Censorship in Japan

In Japan, the birthplace of anime, there are strict regulations governing the depiction of sexual content in media. The Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) monitors television programs and enforces guidelines to ensure that content is appropriate for viewers of all ages. As a result, certain scenes in Super Hxeros that contain sexual imagery or nudity have been censored or altered to comply with these regulations.

Censorship in Australia and Germany

Similarly, Australia and Germany have strict censorship laws when it comes to media that contain sexually explicit content. In these countries, anime series like Super Hxeros may undergo censorship to remove or alter scenes that are deemed inappropriate or offensive. This has led to controversy among fans of the show who feel that censoring artistic content compromises the integrity of the original work.

Impact on the Viewing Experience

The censorship of Super Hxeros has had a noticeable impact on the viewing experience for fans of the show. Scenes that were censored or altered may lose their original context or meaning, resulting in a disjointed narrative or confusion among viewers. Additionally, censorship can dampen the artistic vision of the creators and diminish the overall quality of the anime for audiences both in Japan and abroad.

Rationale Behind Censorship

The decision to censor Super Hxeros is rooted in the desire to comply with local laws and regulations regarding media censorship. Broadcasters and streaming platforms may opt to censor content to avoid penalties or legal repercussions for violating censorship laws. While fans of the show may disagree with the censorship, it is often necessary for compliance with regulatory requirements in different countries.

The Role of Cultural Sensitivity

Another factor that influences censorship in Super Hxeros is cultural sensitivity. Different cultures have varying attitudes towards sexuality and sexual content in media. Anime like Super Hxeros, which explore themes of eroticism and sensuality, may clash with cultural norms in certain countries, leading to censorship or editing of content to prevent offense or misinterpretation.


1. Why was Super Hxeros censored in Japan?

Answer: Super Hxeros was censored in Japan to comply with the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization’s regulations regarding sexual content on television.

2. Will Super Hxeros be released in its uncensored form in the future?

Answer: There is no official confirmation regarding a potential uncensored release of Super Hxeros at this time.

3. How does censorship impact the creative vision of anime creators?

Answer: Censorship can limit the artistic expression of creators and alter the intended message or themes of their work.

4. Is censorship of anime common in other countries besides Japan?

Answer: Yes, countries like Australia, Germany, and others also enforce censorship on anime that contain sexually explicit content.

5. Are there alternative streaming platforms where I can watch uncensored anime?

Answer: Some streaming platforms may offer uncensored versions of certain anime series, depending on licensing agreements and regional restrictions.


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