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I’ve had the pleasure of interning for the past three summers. It’s a great experience, and I love doing it. Here is a list of ways I was able to get an intern’s job.

My first internship was for a local bank. I was sitting in a room on my own, in my own language. I was told the job was for a six month period. I had to do everything myself – fill out forms, collect and organize data, etc. This gave me experience in a variety of areas, but I ended up doing it in a way that was a bit less technical.

I did a little bit of research about the role of business in the industry, and we found out this was a much more common kind of job than most of the other jobs I’ve had.

You can check out the list of internships here. Though the list is quite long, it’s also highly recommended that you look at the list of jobs here.

Yes, I’m sure most of you are probably thinking “What? Business internships are not that common?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Business internships are a little different from most other internships, because they are unpaid. Meaning, they are not paid with a set salary, like other internships. They are only paid when the student is able to show both a high school diploma and a business internship in a specified area (like Accounting, Law, Finance, etc.).

In other words, you are looking to hire people who have done business for you and not for yourself. It’s not like the job market is going to get anyone who’s paid for a business internship, which is only half the story.

Internships, for most people, are either a great way to learn to code or a bad way to learn to code. I used to be one of those people; I’ve had my MBA, but I was a full-time student. I loved the idea of being a business finance intern and was very excited by the idea of being able to do it in person, but I was never willing to go the full-time route.

When I was a business finance intern, I never felt like I was learning much. I was working from home, so my job was to do the same thing, but with a business class. I spent every week in a classroom, but I was too tired from the work and I was always too busy to really feel like I learned anything.


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