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We’re building a new office building with some very large windows as well as some very small ones. My team and I have been trying to figure out how to make the best of the space. We’re trying to create a system that will allow us to see into our future, and even the past.

I believe Clearview would be a great tool for doing that, and I’m sure a lot of your readers would be interested in what we did with it. In short, we created an online application that allows us to see how our building will look at a certain point in time. In real time. In multiple formats.

I’m sure you all know that Google Search has moved from a single-window mode to multiple windows, and that’s something that we’ve been looking at. But for now, we’re using Google Analytics to show our new customers what their building will look like at a certain point in time.

Google Analytics is the company’s easy-to-use, free tool to track your conversion rates and other metrics. We added it to our website in October of last year so we could track the conversion rates of our visitors and how much time we spend on them when they leave our site. We also added a new option to show the building plan (on a per-page basis) so our clients can see what their building will look like at a certain point in time.


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