ballet fusion fitness

To make this program more than just a fancy game of dance is a great way to get to know your body and mind more thoroughly.

A successful dancer like me is capable of making a living from dancing and is quite possibly the most efficient dancer in the world. For a short time, I found that I could make a living on the dance floor by dancing to ballet.

In a sense, the video game version of ballet is almost exactly what I would have done 20 years ago with ballet. The problem is that the video game version of ballet is played by a few people with the same limitations as me, and so I think it’s more accurate to say that I could have made a living as a dance instructor, but it’s not as much fun and I have a much harder time remembering all of the moves anyway.

But I’m not a dancer so I don’t have any dancing lessons, so I can’t really say for sure if I would have made a living as a dance instructor. But I can say that I have had a lot of fun doing it, I did it for the fun of it, and I’m sure it would be a lot easier to make a living teaching people how to dance.

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